Dana FullyLove

“Take all the Divas before Motown, the greatest singers from Motown, and the greatest songwriter’s of all time, and who do you create? Dana Fullylove. Dana will tell you exactly what it is she wants her fans to hear. She says,” I want my fans to hear a different way of thinking. That we control the emotions that live within us.” The lyrics are realistic as well as life experiences we all can relate too. The singer/ songwriter passion for music will give off high vibrations of light and life. Dana wants you to understand her as an artist, an awakened woman, a passionate singer, an overly passionate songwriter, a phenomenal emotional performer, and a unique kind individual to be reckon with.

She’s praised for her wildly inventive presentations in music and songwriting, and respected for her down-to-earth persona. With her grace, beauty, happiness, knowledge, and gift for entertaining, Dana Fullylove has become a star and an American icon. In school known as Sha’Dana Jones, she known for singing the one song many people has trouble singing The National Anthem. She participated in numerous Black History Programs, school, and community shows are where Jones talented glowed.

She won a talent show and the prize was to be one of the opening acts for Lil Ke-Ke, Hawk, Big Pokie, and Lil O in April of 2005. That same year she audition for another talent show and won the competition and the prize landed her as one of the opening acts for Lil Jon and the Eastside Boyz and Pit Bull. In September 2007 Jones went to a audition in Dallas with the company Big City Talent Productions where she made the 1st round and was on comedian Rickey Smiley’s Television Show Big City Talent. She wants you to know for her, it’s always been about the music first and get high vibrating healing messages to you.”